We are a mother and daughter in law duo who bake the best cakeage and bakeage in town.


Mrs Barnes Jr (AKA Holly)

I actually used to hate any form of cooking/baking until about 2012, when I decided to complete a degree in Design Technology Teaching. I didn't just hate it, but was absolutely terrible at it too! I suddenly had an interest thanks to my amazing mother in law (aka Mrs B Sr), when I slowly and sneakily moved myself into her house and 5 years later (when I'd actually moved out of her house), we started Mrs Barnes' Bakery. 

I feel pretty damn lucky to have such a great relationship with my mother in law and quite frankly suprised she hasn't killed me yet 😁 as I can be a little bossy/demanding at times. My favourite thing to bake is brownies and LOVE being creative with flavours and experimenting with new ideas. I am the one who operates 99% of the social media side of things ... meaning I am the one who makes all the spelling/grammar mistakes... thank goodness I'm not an english teacher hey! 

I am also so grateful to my mum, who has helped make this venture happen, not only has she looked after my kiddies for me countless times so I can bake/run the shop, she has also assisted us but she also supported me through many years of University and for that I cannot thank her enough.

I am also a wifey to Pete, who I am so grateful for putting up with the amount of mess I make when baking (we 100% should have called ourselves the messy bakers) and for allowing (as if he had a choice) our home to be turned into a supermarket/sweet shop ... but is never allowed to actually eat the goods 😂.


Finally my favourite job of all is being a mummy to little, cheeky, cute Bobby Barnes and Ruby... they certainly keeps me on my toes and at this stage, neither share the same passion of baking that I do! Maybe one day I can train them to be my little protege and take over the baking industry with their amazing bakes.


Mrs Barnes Snr (AKA Carolyn)

I know you wouldn’t ask a lady her age but x2 Hollys & I’ll be there next summer!

Most of my week is now spent on Mrs B’s, as well as the shop we also supply some cafes and businesses. I manage a bit of Zumba & share looking after Master Barnes while Holly is at school.

I have 4 amazing grandsons aged 2-12 years & 3 sons (our family doesn’t do girls). I have been married to Malcolm for 35yrs & he likes to introduce me as the long suffering Mrs Barnes! 

I learnt to bake with my grandma Flo from the age of 5. As I got to sr school I used to sneak around her house to bake when I should have been doing other things for mum. After that I just experimented & was self taught, baking celebration cakes for friends & family. I have had many jobs I started working in a cafe at school, MC Donald’s at college, I was a Police Constable & in more recent years I spent 11yrs as a school food technician & a short while as an assistant pastry chef. This is just a few!

Holly is the driving force behind Mrs B’s but my experience comes in handy. 
I’m not a complete technophobe however, she is teaching me all the time & I enjoy the applause when I make the posts online!!!

As she said in her post she’s messy in the kitchen, as I found out when she moved in with us while she & Peter were saving for their own house. But if that hadn’t happened then Mrs B's would not have been created.
Opening the shop was a scary time. We have had to restrict our normal amount of celebration cakes & even put on hold fondant covered cakes so we can get some sleep!💤 

We had no idea if we would be well received! How wrong we were! Since opening the shop it has been lovely to meet everyone & especially those that are now regular customers!