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Our extra cupcakes are when you are looking for something a little more decorative!


They come in batches of 6 where the sponge and buttercream are the same flavours but the swirls will differ. They are perfect as gifts, parties or just because you fancy them!  

The prices below include our standard cake sponge flavours, standard buttercream flavours, flavoured centre and toppings, such as chocolate (additional cost for more expensive chocolates - see below). 


 Below is a basic price guide but please contact us for specific costs on the cakes you see in this section


6 for £18

Additional costs: flowers - gold leaf - cakesicles - brownie/blondies/rocky road - fresh fruit - doughnuts - large lollies - figurines - fondant elements - topper - more expensive chocolates (Ferrero Rocher for example). - etc.

The cost of the extras are charged based on quantity needed and where they are sourced from.

To order please contact us via instagram or facebook, alternatively pop in to our shop to discuss further.

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